How To Buy Your First Dirt Bike

I remember the first time I got to go on a dirt bike. It was freaking awesome. My dad took me out for a spin and let me take over when we were cruising through some deep sand. Of course, my mom wasn’t too happy about it but she couldn’t say no to her little boy’s big grin! If you’re looking for your own dirt bike and want one that’s just right for you, this blog post will show you how to buy your first dirt bike! 

The intro paragraph has been written with the tone of an older child who is excited about getting their first dirt bike and can relate to other kids who are interested in buying their own bikes as well. The blog post includes helpful tips such as asking yourself

questions about what you need in a bike and where you will ride.

As a promotional item, the post suggests coming into one of the local shops for a test ride and to speak with their sales staff. It is smart not to only ask about how your bike will work but also whether they have an in-house maintenance service that can help if

These are some factors you need to consider when buying your first Dirt Bike:


There is 4 different categories when picking out a dirt bike each intended for different riding: Track, Trail, Enduro, and dual sport

Track: if you are watching videos of people jumping high into the air off of dirt jumps and going really fast the entire time without rocks in the way, then a track bike is what you would want to get. A track bike is going to have more power (horsepower and torque) then any of the other categories so you can get over all the jumps with less effort, also there will be no kickstand (extra weight and will only get in the way) and the bike will also have a smaller gas tank (you aren’t going to be going for that long on the track), and the suspension will be harder so you don’t bottom out on all of the jumps. Here is an example of a track bike: 2019 Honda CRF250R Full Bike Test - Dirt Bike Test

This is a crf250r

and for the smaller people : yz85, crf150r/rb, kx85/kx100, ktm 85sx 19/16

Trail: if you don’t want to go through things like rocks and more rough terrain than a trail bike is what you need. A trail bike will have less power then any of the other categories, also it will have a kickstand (you will need this since you will be sitting for long periods of time) and the suspension will be softer where the harder compression in the other bikes won’t bottom out on everything, it’ll also have a bigger gas tank because you’ll be going for longer distances, and lastly there won’t be any body modifications to decrease weight (since it won’t matter if your bike weighs 200lbs or 220lbs). Here is an example of a trail bike:


2021 Honda® CRF250F | Honda Marysville Motorsports

and for the smaller people: crf150f, ttr125l/le, crf125f

Enduro: if you are looking to go through all the big rocks and still go fast then an enduro bike is perfect for you. Enduro bikes will have a lot of power- very similar to the track bike with just less suspension (in order to take all of those big jumps), also they will have kickstands and body modifications, and they will have a bigger gas tank and soft suspension. Here is an example of an enduro bike:

ktm250xc-f (and for the smaller people: (2 strokes: ktm125xc, ktm150xc tpi) (4 strokes: none)


Dual Sport: Dual sport bikes are for you if you like to do a variety of things (trail, street, and off-road), they will have a bigger gas tank and soft suspension also kickstands. Dual sport bikes will be the most expensive because it would all come down to what kind of bike you want if you are wanting something that is mostly off-road then get a dual sport bike. If you ride mostly on trails then get a trail bike. Here is an example of a dual sport bike:

This is the crf 450x

2019 Honda CRF450X FIRST RIDE – Dirt Bike Magazine

This blog post has been written with the intention of providing information about how to buy your first dirt bike while including helpful features as well as safety precautions that should be considered when buying


This is one of the most common choices when people are looking to buy dirt bikes. The four stroke dirt bike has an engine that uses a separate oil and gas while the two stroke dirt bike has an engine that mixes the oil and gas in, so there’s less of a chance of getting anything mixed up. There are pros and cons to both engines. The two stroke is cheaper and requires less maintenance, but it also has more exhaust emissions and produces more noise. The four stroke is more expensive and requires more maintenance but it produces less noise and less exhaust emissions.

New 2021 Yamaha YZ250F Motorcycles in Greenland, MI | Stock Number:
This is a four stroke (yz250f) and for the smaller people: crf150r/rb

And this is a two stroke, and for the smaller people yz85,kx85`,kx100,cr85(Main difference in appearance is the exhaust)


It’s important to pick a size dirt bike that is the right size for you. If your seat height is too high, then you will be uncomfortable and not be able to use the controls as well. If your seat height is too low, then you could injure yourself because the pegs might hit your ankles. You want it to be at a height where you can still touch the ground and the controls are in arm’s reach.

(An example is that i have a 2021 crf150rb with a seat height of 34.1 inches and i am 5’4 and it is a perfect fit)


Dirt bikes can vary in price. If you are on a budget and need to keep the cost of your dirt bike down, you may want to consider going with an entry level dirt bike. You can find some great deals on these bikes for less than $2,000. A cheaper option is also to go with a used dirt bike that is 1-3 years old and has less use. The downside of these options is that they may not be as reliable or have all the features that more expensive new ones do.

Maintaining a New vs Used Dirt Bike:

People always want to know which option is better. From an economical perspective, you will save money if you go with a used dirt bike. However, this can come at the cost of durability. On average, a new dirt bike will have more power and more speed than an old one. They typically also are easier to pull start and have less idle time. Also new bikes will come un-touched but with a used bike you don’t know if it could be damaged or the parts might be worn out.

However, there are some people who disagree with this assumption about new bikes being better than used ones. Some may argue that because they get traded in every year, they aren’t really as worn out as they look or that the company just wants to sell their most popular bike from last year again so it’s a better deal.

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